Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I feel that this program gave me a opportunity that i might not have got to learn any other way. I have learned so much while I was doing this program that I feel more confident in helping our students and the public when they come across something that they don't know. I also enjoyed being able to do samples of most of the 23 things on your list. I learn by doing the project my self so I felt that it was important that you aloud us to experience the steps our selves. I also liked that you gave us time to do the 23 steps in our own time because a lot of the library staff at my library were I work are very busy and wouldn't be able to finish if there were time frames for each one of the 23 things we learned.

Developing your own 23 Things for your library

I'm not sure what 23 things would best fit our library because we all have different things that all (or some) of us would like to put in. We might want to put one of the things like: how to use Microsoft soft ware, how to use our reference guides, how to look up ILL material and how to fill out the form to order what they want. We could put what different kinds of media equipment we use and how to use them. Honestly I'm not sure what other things we could put on our 23 things i would really have to brainstorm and talk to my other co-workers and see what they might want on it because we all work as a team in many ways.


I listened to Whitney Point High School's podcast related to a book that was featured on their sight. How was the audio quality? I felt that the audio quality was much better then i thought it would be. It was loud enough to hear and not crackly like some podcast can be. Were they interesting enough to make you want to subscribe to them? I thought it was a great idea to feature books in their podcast it did make me want to read the book but not subscribe to them. What sorts of topics did they cover? They covered books, poetry and a rap song created by one of their students. Do you think that pod casts be useful to your patrons? I think that we could benefit from podcast by making a virtual tour of our library to save us time from having to give tours to our students for their teachers. A lot of my co-workers give tours of the library for teacher who have labs and things like that. They often run out of time on other important things they have to discuss because their tour took longer then planed. If so, what types of pod casts do you think would interest them? If we did like Whitney high school did we could get some interest in putting some of the poetry that the students have written or a particular book that a lot of students were interested in for example the Twilight series. This way they can pull it off our library web site and listen to what they like most.


I watched the Texas Library YouTube video and the YouTube School Library video. What were they trying to accomplish? I felt that both Libraries were trying to let people what their library is about. How effective were they? In the school library video it was trying to get people to notice their media areas. Can you think of other uses of videos to help promote libraries or serve the public?I think if the Library put some things that they do in their libraries for example different displays they do or activities that they do with the public to promote programs that they have in their particular library would help allot.

Google Docs

I liked Google Docs but i felt it was hard to find pictures i needed to complete my presentation. I have used Microsoft Power Point Presentation. I think because I am used to using power point that it was a little difficult to get used to using Google Docs.With Google Docs you can upload them from your own photos or from a web site you choose. I did feel that it was fun trying to learn the way things work on this sight and I will continue to work on it and learn new things from this site.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Wikis are websites that use special software to enable users to create or edit linked hierarchical pages. I tried doing the wiki practice and it didn't quite catch on to what I was supposed to be doing.
I have used Wikipedia before and liked using it.
Do you agree with everything that is said there? I know that most of the things on Wikipedia is true but like the wikis it can be slightly wrong because people put them in and they are only human they make mistakes too.Are there any warnings on the page relating to the quality of the information? I didn't notice any wornings but there could be on a diffrent subject. I do like wikiapidia and will continue to use it in the future.


I didn't have a great experiance with Libworm only because my computer was not running right. It is very slow but when i searched threw the LibWorm home page i found a kids book of the week. I clicked on it and got a web page from Grand Rapids Public Library in MI. The sight was very interesting because it had a section on their page for kids and diffrent activities that kids do. I think that LibWorm would be benaficial to librarys if they want a sorter way to get to diffrent sights.